Living With Change

These are extraordinary times.

Everything is in change; we are in change, on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The changes are so big that we may not really recognize ourselves, of how we used to be and we may ask:

Who am I now?

What is important to me now?

What do I really want now - -  to be , to do - - to change?

And how am I going to deal with everything that is happening in my life?

To me – more than ever – it is so important now to be truly grounded in my body since my body is what holds me in all situations.

Our bodies are of nature, of Mother Earth, which means they hold the wisdom of nature which is universal wisdom since the Earth is a universal being.

Many of us have lost this connection with our bodies, but we can reconnect with it, and this has changed a lot for me.

The Dance was one of the major tools in this.

The 5 Rhythms practice allow us to fully follow our own bodies, to move the way our own body wants and needs, and when we then go through a Dance Wave which follow the natural way of how energy moves in all living bodies/beings it is as if we are reunited with our own nature, and gradually this open us up to the body intelligence.

We may also have lost a deeper connection with our universal being what is often called our soul. This creates a feeling of separation, to be disconnected from the source of Life. Actually, when we realize that we need to open our hearts to reconnect with this source, this happens more and more, and in my experience this is easier to do when we dance.

Then, gradually, we can apply this to our daily life.

So, let us come together to dance The 5 Rhythms Free Dance, to help ourselves to live with all the change we are experiencing now in so many ways.

And everything becomes easier and more powerful when we do it together.

We will probably have a focus on one of the Rhythms each time, but of course, we will dance Waves with all Rhythms every time. Nothing else works.

So – starting with Flowing, then Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness.

More than ever before it is SO important that we do not judge our movements to be wrong! They are as they are right now and they will change whenever it is relevant. And every human being has her/his own unique movements, so let us dance our own dance movements TOGETHER!

You are all so welcome!


1. 12-14 March(Cancelled)

2. 9-11 April(Cancelled)

3. 2-6 june (Summer Retreat)(Cancelled)

4. 1-3 October

5. 12-14 Novemeber


Wroclaw, Poland


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