Dancing and Breathing in Berlin

In this workshop we will do both Free Dance according to The 5 Rhythms and breath work according to Cyclic Breathing/Rebirthing.

We will start on Friday - this evening being an introduction to The 5 Rhythms Free dance where we will explore how our bodies would like to move if they were allowed to follow their own needs, their own individual ways of following rhythm, their own need to vitalize, express, recharge, empower the batteries and to relax into being. This in order to connect with who I am right now!

After this we will do an exercise with the breathing/rebirthing work and have time to share what happen with our bodies if we breath in this way.

On Saturday morning we will continue the breathing/rebirthing work to connect with ourselves and to energize our bodies with this powerful tool. Again this will put us in contact with the being that each and one of us are right now. Needs, wants, longings, inspirations ---, whatever that comes, indicating something that is important and relevant right now to YOU.

In the afternoon we will go on with a so called Dance Wave where everything is set into movement and of course, we will sit down and reflect on everything that is happening to us and talk about it to the extent it is relevant.

Sunday will be a day of integration through dance and movement to ground everything in our bodies. And of course reflections and sharings that helps everything to deepen, ground and integrate.

Time: 25-27/1. Friday 17-21, Saturday 11-17, Sunday 11-16

Price: €195

€95 deposit upon registration in cash or to the account: Anja Könicke, Commerzbank,

IBAN DE73 1008 0000 0581 2252 00

Place: c/o Irmel Weber, Alexander Technik and Tango, Elisabeth-Höfe, Erkelenzdamm 59-61,

10999 Berlin

Assistant and Organizer: Contact Anja Könicke at info@koerperdialoge.de or +49 173 870 53 85

To bring: Comfortable clothes to wear when we dance, water bottle and some easy snacks/fruits in case you get hungry between meals.