Unifying Body, Mind and Spirit, a 5 Rhythms workshop - Åbo, Finland

These times of great transformation is urging us – more than ever – to stay present in our bodies, and to heal the separation between our bodies and our universal source, our universal being – what I call the soul. This separation has caused so much diversity and uncertainty about who we truly are, and this has led us into needs based on “doing” rather than on “being” - which f.inst. causes a lot of stress.

Now, as I see this huge “stop in our world”, we – in a greater perspective - are called to reconnect with our nature, universally and biologically and with Mother Earth. It is about finding new ways of cooperating with our planet to live our lives in a deeper and more creative balance with her.

So this is what I would like to have as our theme and intention with the workshop, the merging of Body and Soul and let our Dancer create this fusion in the way it happens for each and one of us; and as always – our body will know how to do this.

However, I do not want anything for anybody, so it is of course!! possible to participate in this 5 Rhythms workshop and dance the waves without following or taking much notice of things I say.

Let us welcome these new times and trust that it is about transforming our lives and living into the highest and best for us all, while at the same time holding everybody who is suffering because of it, in our hearts with love and compassion!

I look much forward to be with you and dance with you again!


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Barker - teatteri, Raunistulantie 25


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