5 Rhythms workshop - Åbo, Finland

In these times of great transformation, of changes on so many levels, old structures dissolving and the new not yet within sight - what can we do to meet all these challenges in our lives and in our external world? How can our bodies help us to deal with everything?

The first key may be Acceptance – acceptance of what is. How can we accept what is if we do not want it, do not wish it to be, do not like it? If it makes us unhappy, upset, worried or deeply disturbed ----? Acceptance does not mean to deny our feelings or opinion of things; it is just to confirm what is true at any given moment and then act accordingly – ACT, not react. To do this we need to be firmly grounded in our bodies and have access to energy.

Our bodies are made for generating energy, to express what is held in them and to transform all opposing and conflicting energies within , into a unified and harmonic, neutral energy, if allowed. This creates a feeling of freedom in the body and an inner knowing of what to do, who to be in each moment. We find our flow, our creativity and become more capable of dealing with everything in our lives.

The 5 Rhythms practice is a perfect instrument for this. The five rhythms form a ‘wave’ in which we ground our bodies in Flowing, find our natural expression in Staccato, release new energy in Chaos which brings us into the Lyrical rhythm of lightness, creativity, and experience of freedom. In the last rhythm of Stillness, all energy is integrated and we move without ‘doing’, just being. 


22 May 2020 Open Class
23 & 24 May 2020 Workshop


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