St. Petersburg - Creative Dancer - Search and Express Who You Are

In these times of great transformation, the old dissolving and the new not yet within sight, what can I do to meet all these changes in my life and in my external world? How can my body help me to deal with everything? And how can my Creative Dancer help me?

This is perfectly ok if we realize how to deal with it.


The 5 Rhythms practice is a perfect instrument for this. It helps our instrument, our body, to be energized through our dance, to renew the energy in the body, to let it express whatever needs to come out instead of holding it back, to transform and unify our energy and to move with source energy, which creates a lot of vitality in the body and lets the Creative Dancer shine.

I so much look forward to meeting you on the dance floor.
Warmly Welcome!  

See flyer here

Time: 14-16/2, 2020


Pre-registration needed. In order to register, a deposit of 5000 rubles is required.

When paying the deposit:
- before 30.11.2019 the early bird price for the seminar is 9000 rubbles (approximately 130 euros);
- before 31.12.2019 the early bird price for the seminar is10000 rubbles (approximately140 euros);

- before 31.01.2020 the early bird price for the seminar is 11000 rubbles (approximately 155 euros);

- before 14.02.2020 the early bird price for the seminar is 12000 rubbles (approximately 170 euros);


If registering during the day the full price is 13000 rubbles (approximately 185 euros).  


To all interested international participants please contact the organizer (Ekaterina) in regards to visa process, accomodation in Saint-Petersburg and workshop registration in advance (before January 1st, 2020).

Place: Ulitsa Komsomola, 2, (Loft 9 and 3/4)

Sankt-Peterburg, 195009

Accomodation and Visa:

Me and other foreigners are advised to stay at Okhtinskaya hotel, it's official to provide us with visa support, has good rates and is located close to the venue.  (the language button is on the right upper corner of the web page)

The price for the hotel room with buffet breakfast included for one person is 6700 rubbles/91 euros (check-in on Friday and check-out on Monday). If you are willing to share a standard room with two single beds then the price is 7100 rubbles/96 euros between the two people (with the buffet breakfast included for the two people). 

-  Once the hotel is booked, we ask them to provide the visa invitation letter for the whole duration of the stay. I believe there is a minimal separate fee for that.

- Then we use the official letter to apply for the visa.

-  The consulate visa charge is separate 35 euros.

For more info: Ekaterina Reymarova, Tel: +7(931)233 44 09