Danshelg i Malmö

SURRENDERING to your own rhythm.

All of us, at some point, meet with times that rock our foundations, takes our ground and push our limits. Sometimes we live with these situations for a long time, sometimes it is sudden and unexpected.

Sometimes, it is just the times that we live in that causes us to feel overwhelmed and powerless. The essence of it is that the experience is so powerful that it can bring us to our knees, it has the power to change us.

We become scared and fight for control. We want to fight it, reject it, ignore it, push it away or hold onto it. SURRENDERING is when we deeply know in our bodies and hearts that we cannot control what is happening. We start to TRUST that there is another unknown path that is yet to be revealed to us. We fall into grace, love and the unknown.

In the dance we SURRENDER our mind to the body’s motion, making space for a deeper trust and a profound stillness.

We fall into grace, love and the unknown.

Time: 18-19/4

Saturday 11-17, Sunday 11-16



Venue: Natha Yoga, Celsiusgatan 29 - Malmö.

Investment: 2300 SEK - 1800 SEK Early Bird - latest April 3 2020.

​Register: berit.hague@livsdansen.se or louisehallpsykolog@gmail.com. 500 SEK non-refundable deposit to reserve your space.