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Ongoing workshops with The 5 Rhythms - Estonia

In these times of great transformation, changes on so many levels, old structures dissolving and the new not yet within sight  - what can I do to meet all these challenges in my life and in my external world?

We are awakening to new realities – within and without – created by higher frequency universal energies pouring into our collective consciousness.

Realities that we at first may experience as confusing, in constant change, not linear and therefore, unpredictable and we feel uncertainty, become tired, restless, not knowing what to do or what we want.

This is perfectly ok if we realize how to deal with it. I trust it is all for a greater GOOD.

The first key may be Acceptance – acceptance of what is. How can I accept what is if I do not want it, do not wish this to be, do not like it, if it makes me unhappy, upset, worried or deeply disturbed ----?

Acceptance is not in order to deny my feelings or opinion of things; it is just to confirm what is at the moment and then act accordingly – ACT, not react. To do this we need to be firmly grounded in our bodies and have access to energy.

And we need to realize that our bodies are fine universal instruments that are made to play/be tuned in to the universal Source energy. Then they are plugged in to a permanent communication with The Whole which fills us with an inner knowing in the moment of what/who to be or to do now.

The 5 Rhythms practice is a perfect instrument, to me, to help our instrument, our body, to be energized again and again by “plugging it into the great life energy source” through our dance, to renew the energy in the body, to let it express whatever needs to come out instead of holding it back and to move with source energy which create a lot of vitality in the body.

I so much look forward to meeting you on the dance floor.

Warmly Welcome!


  1. Flowing, 21 - 23 January
    Presence and Freedom, see flyer here

  2. Stackato,  8 - 10 April
    Read more about the workshop

  3. Chaos, 27 - 29 May
    Read more about the workshop here

  4. Lyrical, 26 - 28 August

  5. Stillness, 4-6 November


Tallinn, Estonia


Liina Lehtla

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