New Year workshop in Wroclaw

In these times of such big changes for us all

we come to this workshop to start the new year together, giving our body and spirit possibility to interact in a creative way and to find support and connection with others in these very difficult times for so many of us.

Through dancing the body gets energized and filled with much energy which helps you to see what is truly important for you, what you may want to give more focus to in the time to come and maybe even set some creative intentions for you for the coming year.

Dancing The 5 Rhythms, our nature’s natural rhythms, help us to find our energy flow, to express what needs to be expressed, to release what needs to be released and to fill us with new source energy which has the quality of Joy, not for anything particular, just Joy and Love for Life.

Together we create a safe space where we all dance so individually different, but in a natural unity where we all belong.


30-31 January 2021: Canceled due to the situation right now


Wroclaw, Poland


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