New Year workshop in Wroclaw

Choices and Changes

Our lives are in transformation, individually and collectively.

As old structures dissolve we need to open ourselves to something new and unknown.

This flow is already there sweeping through us, pushing us in so many ways---.

Are we ready?

Do we have the courage to go with it without knowing “where” and “how”?

Trusting in Life – who we are.

Following our own insights and intuition, to meet any situation, any offer that comes to us as we go from one moment to the other, from one day to the next.

Thing are coming to us, will be coming to us, maybe not the way we think we want, but new possibilities will be coming---!

Our bodies are our anchors in these times of change. They are our homes, specially designed for each of us to be who we truly are. Through them we are “plugged into” life, our Source, to life energy, to universal consciousness.

Our 5 Rhythms dance practice, to me is the best way I know, helps us to keep our bodies energized, open, cleansed of as much emotional heaviness as possible and plugged into the source in a natural way.

So let us come together for New Year to join and celebrate, to share our creativity, power and great hearts to push us all in the best direction as we enter into the new year of 2018.


8-10 January 2021


Wroclaw, Poland


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