Open classes with The 5 Rhythms - Wroclaw

Drop in - Open classes with the 5 Rhythms



5 Rhythms Power Wave

Let us come together and open up to all that we are, all that is going
on in us and dance/express it all, as dance. This will help us all to see
ourselves more clearly now, individually and as a group, even in a
bigger perspective. And in our dance, let us stand up for and be all
that we are. Be You – who you have come here to be. On the

dancefloor it is possible.

Together we will dance a wave, and the group energy we create will
help us all to dance from a deeper presence and truth in us.
I look so much forward to be with you all again.


25/2, 11/3, 1/4, 31/5, 5/8, 28/10

Place: Wroclaw

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