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Open classes with The 5 Rhythms - Wroclaw

Drop in - Open classes with the 5 Rhythms



Let us come together at the beginning of the new year and dance our dreams
and wishes for 2023. Together we create a space that opens us up to see new
possibilities, daring to let go of behavior and habits that is not serving us
anymore, and releasing stress, pain and tension structures in our bodies that is
reducing our sense of freedom.
Together we open up to newness, new inspiring ideas, to bring something new
into our lives that we have been longing for, but not able to create yet.
While dancing the Rhythms we may see how we can change attitudes we now
have, open up to new perspectives, new ways of being that create changes for
a greater good in our lives.


6 January 2023


Place: Wroclaw

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