Summerworkshop at Österlen

Re-Wilding: To Be You Retreat.


Welcome to join us for 5-days and 5Rhythms to CONNECT with your true nature. To get, OH SO GOOD, at practicing tuning into your desires and needs in every moment. Noticing what you need, what you want and embodying your original WILDNESS.

Playfully exploring possibilities of being, acting, choosing, thinking, creating and connecting with what is SO VERY true for you.

Getting tuned into your desires and dreams, and taking them seriously, but not clinging, to act according to them and tapping into your COURAGE to stand out in the crowd and to trust that it is ok to FOLLOW your HEART, intuition and truth.  


Not wildness in a sense of loosing control, but WILDNESS in a sense of re-connecting, getting in touch with all of the goodness that makes you, YOU. Noticing and moving with your vulnerability, that stuff that makes you so VERY JUICY.




With 5Rhythms, Berit Hague and Louise Hall as our guides we spend these days exploring our original WILDNESS, a return to our core and our ZEST for LIFE. Together we travel through 5Rhythms for 5-days, yet it is your own journey. Enjoy 5 days of dance, rest, peace, connection and FREEDOM.



Berit Hague is a certified 5Rhythms teacher and coach with years of experience working with people to connect to their true self. Louise Hall is a psychologist and 5Rhtyhms spaceholder that is dedicated to supporting people to re-wild and be their authentic selves.





St. Olof medborgarhus, Kapellgatan 7, Sankt Olof

Near Kivik

Investment: 2900, plus the cost of accomodation.

Cancellation: The workshop fee is refundable, but a 500kr administration fee will be deducted.

Register and info:


louisehallpsykolog@gmail.com070 – 812 71 99


berit.hague@livsdansen.se0704 – 32 66 08


Will be booked by contacting Louise.

Food: Contact Louise for information.


Massage: Welcome to book a massage at the time of booking at an extra cost of 600kr/60 min or 400kr/40 min.