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Your Inner Leader - Open Evening

Your True Leader - a natural birth gift of consciousness / Soul - in you.

How is your relationship to your inner Leader?
The Leader in you always knows what you want, what you do not want, what you do not like, what you do not enjoy. Your Soul has created all these talents you have, what you enjoy, what feels important to you, in order for you to be here for what you have come here to be as a human being. 

The Leader informs you intuitively about everything and supports you to be You if you are present in it. It is an instrument that creates and provides well-being, if allowed, and it is made to help you stand up for yourself and express whatever is relevant and important to you and to say Yes and NO, where it is relevant. It can transform energy into higher frequencies and release source energy into the body – if allowed. It is very creative, if allowed, and full of Joy and playfulness – if allowed.

Dancing through the waves will provide you with opportunities to meet with your inner Leader in an accepting and loving way and create new relationships to this incredible instrument in case it is relevant for you.


Tanssikoulu Play, Läntinen Pitkäkatu 21,
20100 Turku, Finland


Date and time:

Friday 20 October 19-21:30



Whole weekend 250 €
EARLY BIRD PRICE until 10.8.23 190 €
EARLY BIRD until 10.9.23 220 €
Only Friday dance 30 €
All prices include VAT.

Registration and Info:

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