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Choices and Changes - New Year workshop

A new year workshop with The 5 Rhythms Free Dance

It is now so important that we are who we have come here to be as human beings. That we as much as possible act and live from our hearts, trust our Inner Leader, this aspect of our soul that we may know as our intuition and
true knowing.


This kind of people is what the world with all it`s chaos, distress and pain need now. And of course, this is what we all need.


In our new year workshop we will look at what this imply for each and one of us and support each other to find this way of being in us. We do this while we dance.

The 5 Rhythms Dance practice is a perfect tool for providing the exploration of ourselves, of our being and of our life energy in all aspects of life in the moment. Every rhythm offers an opportunity to experience different qualities of our life energy in relation to who we are, and altogether a wave /all 5 rhythms give us a rather complete opportunity to relate to all that is relevant

for each and one of us at the time being.

With all my love



6-7 January 2024

Place: Wroclaw

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