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Female and  Masculine energies in Women and Men

A workshop where we will explore and experience all these various energies in us as we dance. We will look at and address all aspects of human energies in both Women and Men and dance and experience our own individual experiences of these energies in our dances as they appear in us, and of course continue to explore our Inner Leader.

What happens when we follow our intuition rather than our mental mind that is controlled by other instructions?


I see every human being as a very special Universal Being who is here to be a human with special talents that is this person´s personal gifts to all of us.

Are we ready to see this – what we enjoy is our gift – because this I where our universal talents are.

I look So much forward to be with you in this workshop.





See also: Open evening in Wroclaw 13/9

Place: Zuchlow, near Wroclaw

More practical info:

Contact Ewa Patowska,

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