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Being True To Who We Are - Zuchlow CANCELLED

Individually and as Humanity

The way we see ourselves and the world is what will change the world and create a new foundation for Life on this planet.

In these days of such great changes and transformation on the entire planet because of a constant inflow of very high frequency universal energies, it is so important to be able to be present in our inner truth. That will help us through many challenging experiences. I am told in my meditations that all is for “the good”, but first all “the darkness” must be released - which is going on now - everywhere and in all of us.

Dancing through the waves will provide us with opportunities to meet with our inner Leader/Our Truth in an accepting and loving way and create new relationships to who we truly are and who we are as mankind.


Cancelled - to few participants

See also: Open evenings with The 5 Rhythms 5 June.

Place: Zuchlow, near Wroclaw

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